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The main service subject of ITCloud is to provide the needed services and platforms for FKM and Business Continuity processes without an additional investment.

ITCloud cloud technologies provide L2 network services along with accessibility to costumers’ systems within the scope of service processes specified with designed systems on the basis of a 24/7 operability principle in any disaster event.

A copy of Business-Critic systems of customers having Maintenance Agreement provides service within the frame of continuity planned in ITCloud cloud technologies.


At the same time, for the customers who will invest for new infrastructure (Server & Storage & Virtualization), simplified SAAS or PAAS services are provided according to the special needs without a FKM investment.

Our services

With its experienced and extensive staff, ITCloud provide its customers with the disaster center management they need “as a service”.

Cloud Backup

Off-Site Backup, Emergency Service, Raising Up The Systems over ITCloud

Business Continuity

Instant Replication Service Independent From Product and Solution, L2 Network Solution

Monitoring Services

24/7 Live Monitoring Service, Detailed Statistics Tracking and Reporting

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