Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Why The Disaster Recovery Solution?

Although the systems are backed up, it is not always possible to provide the desired returning times (RTO) or points (RPO).

Despite of RPO and RTO of backups are sufficient for some organizations, these backups are not enough in case of serious problems in systems.

It is not always necessary to think of fire, flood, earthquake etc. when it comes to disaster. Even in America where many storms and disasters are being experienced each year, the rate of service interruption by these events are only 5%.

It is more likely that the system interruption and data lost occurred due to the reasons such as user errors, malicious user attacks, ransomware and even system updates.


Researches revealed that against these kinds of disasters, the companies having data loss are damaged in terms of money and image, as well as forced to go out of business in three-five years.

What Does ITCloud Provide?

For your servers working within the company, criticality of each server/service is determined via Business Impact Analysis.

Accordingly, a copy of each server is sent to ITCloud system with desired RPO times both instantly and delayed.

Also your systems’ past copies are stored for a desired period of time. Thus not only the last status of servers, but also the status of requested date and time can be accessed.

For critical systems having no tolerance to phase difference, while copies in intervals under one minute (almost zero) can be stored, these systems can be raised in maximum fifteen minutes.

In case of a complete disaster, all systems will start to serve on ITCloud systems according to Business Continuity Plan previously made. Thus, systems will become accessible for both internal and external users and customers.

In case of a partial interruption (of a single of multiple server) instead of a complete disaster, only the server/system having problem will be opened on ITCloud. While only problematic servers are working on ITCloud systems, other servers still can work on their live environment. As problematic servers will continue to work with same IP addresses thanks to Layer 2 network configuration, it will be not required to make an arrangement or modification (db instance, access, fileserver path etc.).

In case of either complete or partial interruptions, systems opened on ITCloud systems will become working with the same IP addresses of their live environment. Layer2 network connections between customer location and ITCloud systems are established by ITCloud engineers within the scope of project. For Layer2 connection, customer’s existing Internet line is used with no need for any extra investment (MPLS, IPsevVPn, Private Line etc.).

In case of disaster, the servers working on ITCloud systems are sent to customer’s environment with reverse replication after the problem in live environment is solved.

During these reverse replications, servers will continue to work ITCloud systems and there will be no service interruption. After all replication is completed, server is closed on ITCloud systems under control and reactivated on live environment. Thus there will be no service and access interruption.

We also provide our customers with ITCloud Emergency Service if required.

Emergency Service

As it would take to much time to restore all your backups to your own location over Internet in or after a disaster event, we copy your backups to another disk unit and bring to you physically with ITCloud Emergency Service.

Thus, we minimize the time required to restore, to introduce and to reopen these backups and we reduce this time down to hours according to customers’ locations.


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