Monitoring Services

Monitoring Services

24/7 Live Monitoring Service

The IT teams who have to monitor the daily workload and instant customer requests, unfortunately, don’t always have time to control the systems such as server, disk storage products, networks systems, backup, replication, disaster center, security etc. composing the systems backbone.

Even an average set of monitor software and alarm policies are applied to monitor these systems, it is not always possible to monitor these systems 24/7, recognize these alarms in a meaningful manner and take the required actions.

Besides, other information such as the ones related to how much workload the systems carry during backup operations in nights, resource consumption (cpu, ram etc.) of which server raises.

Even though the failure of a backup operation during the night is informed to IT staff via e-mail, this can only be dealt with the staff on the next morning. And even this problem is solved, as it is not desirable to back up during the day, those servers may not be backed up until the backup operation in next night.

And this means no backup for about 48 hours.

Besides, most of time, it is not possible to review the situations such as which firmware level the used operation system/software and hardware is suitable with, which one has bugs, and which drive needs updates. But, when a problem or interruption occurs, this kind of details highly critical for the systems are controlled with by manufacturer advices and through the support of a partner.

In order to provide solutions to all of these problems, ITCloud monitors the customers’ infrastructure with its 24/7 Monitoring Service by setting up the related monitoring software and alarms under control of its professional teams.

Systems are checked both at the start of project and in regular intervals and are kept under control with a defect and action plan prioritized in three different levels in a process starting from the checking if the setup is performed according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Resulted action plans are implemented by professional ITCloud teams for each product, and required improvements are performed periodically.

Thus, the possible problems are prevented and minimized within the scope of preventive services.

Also, our customers’ backup and disaster management systems are monitored 24/7 by our teams. Even errors occurred in operations out of working hours are immediately detected, problems are solved by taking required actions and if necessary our customers are informed.

Thus, all backup operations those should be completed during night would be completed on the next morning.

We also notify our customers with updated system status and health reports in certain periods. These reports include the various information need to be checked such as which server requiring more resource (cpu, ram, disk etc.) or the list of servers assigned with extra resources.

ITCloud Monitoring Services;

While our customers’ IT teams create value-added projects for their organizations, our services position itself as a trusted partner which will provide any required report and support.


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