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About Telecom Italia Sparkle

MedNautilus connects Turkey with Europe and the world with a new undersea fiber optic cable network.

MedNautilus connects Istanbul to the world by completing the first private international undersea cable systems in Turkey between Athens and Istanbul. The new cable network of MedNautilus which has the largest private communication network in the Mediterranean Region consolidates the security and capacity of the international communication infrastructure in Turkey.

Fast and Secure Internet Infrastructure of Istanbul Is Provided with New Cable Network

Telecom Italia Sparkle CEO Paolo Ferrari talked about the project that connected Turkey to Europe and made the internet connection in Istanbul both faster and securer and said, “Istanbul is moving forward to be one of the few financial centers in the world. Our new Athens-Istanbul undersea fiber optic cable network consolidates the land fiber optic network capacity and redundancy that connects Istanbul to Vienna over Bucharest and Budapest and makes Istanbul’s communication with the rest of the world securer.”


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