What We Do?

With its experienced and extensive staff, ITCloud provide its customers with the disaster center management they need “as a service”.

Thus, organizations can send the desired business-critic servers to ITCloud disaster center with almost-zero phase difference without needing any investments for a disaster center, and if necessary they can access these servers in 15 minutes.

The most important service distinctive for ITCloud is to provide this service end-to-end basis. While providing this service, not only providing the copying of servers from a location to another location, also the related network and security infrastructures are managed. Thus, when servers are working on disaster center, they can work with either L2 or L3 infrastructure and use the same IP for serving an accessing without any IP modification.

The servers sent to disaster center, according to customer’s needs and meeting the requirements of ITIL, ISO standards etc., are tested against the risk of lost of single server or whole server platform and these servers are ensured to work if necessary.

The scope of ITcloud service is not only a disaster center management but also provides our customers with;

  • SaaS (Software as a Service); providing the software as a service
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service); providing the platform as a service
  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service); providing the server infrastructure as a service

which is the three building blocks of cloud technology.

Return in 60 seconds!

Your servers will serve in 1 minute via ITcloud.

Be Prepared!

We ensure if you are really be prepared for a disaster via planned or unplanned simulated practices in random servers.

100% Consistent Backup

Veeam Sure Backup in backups made in ITCloud

Start Now!

Setting up and starting replications in 15 minutes…

Cloud Backup

Off-Site Backup, Emergency Service, Raising Up The Systems over ITCloud

Business Continuity

Instant Replication Service Independent From Product and Solution, L2 Network Solution

Monitoring Services

24/7 Live Monitoring Service, Detailed Statistics Tracking and Reporting